Product Name : Caterpillar Bearing

Product Code : FD-CB23

Oem Code : 3T4238

3T4238 Bearing Fits Caterpillar

As Ferhat Döküm, we continue to produce caterpillar bronze bushings. Caterpillar Bronze bushing is a durable material used in many industries. Bronze bushings, which have a long service life, are resistant to corrosion and chemical interaction. Machining of bushings produced with centrifugal casting technique is carried out in our company.

Part Numbers : 1F2828, 9D-5942, 4D-1644, 6F2320, 3F6889, 3H8509, 2D7937, 1F1310, 1F1652, 2D8663, 3D-2909, 1F1653, 4F-6424, 6T1708, 3H8510, 3F-6998, 5H0090, 8B3009, 8D-3957, 174-6819, 151-4464, 135-2946, 3T4238, 8P6651, 117-4015

Our company, which manufactures long-lasting and high quality bronze bushings, always prioritizes production planning in order to meet your demands as soon as possible and always maintains its production line with reasonable prices and high quality. Adopting the slogan of 100% customer satisfaction, our company is at the service of our customers with world-class manufacturing. You can contact our company to get information about bronze bushing prices.

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