Product Name : 232-70-12430 Komatsu Guide 232-70-12420

Product Code : FD-G001

Oem Code : 232-70-12430 & 232-70-12420

232-70-12430 Komatsu Guide 232-70-12420


Fit Models:

GD300A   GD31   GD31RC   GD37   GD405A   GD500R   GD505A   GD510R   GD511A   GD521A   GD525A   GD611A   GD661A   GD663A

As Ferhat Döküm, we continue to produce bronze gear, worm gear, wear-strip, guide, plate for komatsu. 

Our bronze gears, worm gears, wear-strips, guides and plate are a high quality part made to OEM standards. Our company, which manufactures long-lasting and high quality gear, wear-strip, guide and plate, always prioritizes production planning in order to meet your demands as soon as possible and always maintains its production line with reasonable prices and high quality. Adopting the slogan of 100% customer satisfaction, our company is at the service of our customers with world-class manufacturing. 

Part Numbers : 232-70-54141, 234-70-35141, 23B-70-52311, 232-23-12150, 23A-70-15170, 23B-735-3320, 235-70-42210, 23B-70-51560, 23B-70-31331, 232-70-12430, 232-70-12420, 23B-70-31680, 23B-70-31640, 714-07-12220

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